A selection of testimonials from some of our clients

About Clix EntertainmentLogo

The beginnings of Clix Entertainment were in 2007, trading under the name of “VIP Bristol” and targeting students at universities in Bristol.  Clix Entertainment has expanded and has quickly developed into becoming one of the most reputable events, management, marketing and consultancy companies in the South West.   The team provide dedicated personnel who focus on their clients to ensuring that the products and services offered are constantly adapted to meet clients expectations thus allowing the provision of a custom service to all clients irrespective of their size and budget.

What Clix Entertainment say about us

“We were recommended to use the services of About Your Bookkeeping and my team of Directors and I are so glad that we took the advice. Sally and her team give us outstanding service and they have quickly become an extension of our business. Well done and thank you very much.”



About Kember Associates Limited

After 20 years in business no two projects have ever been the same. Kember Associates operate a very specialised high technology consulting company having worked in many parts of the various continents. We understand what it means to work with a variety of cultures.

What Kember Associates Limited say about us

For over 6 years, we at Kember Associates have utilised many of the services of both Virtual PA Executives and About Your Bookkeeping.  Most of our clients are international and we are delighted with the response and help we receive from the team at About Your Bookkeeping. I do not have to do anything, just meet with my accountant once a year. Sally and the team do the rest.



About Unify Communication

Unify Communication and the team are driven by a passion and enthusiasm for delivering innovation and a customer experience unrivaled by any other provider in the marketplace.

Technology is evolving rapidly. Consumers’ communications behaviours are changing and much of the industry is taking too long to embrace the change and deliver what customers are looking for. Unify Communications has fully embraced the communications revolution.  

Our key objectives are to ensure we have a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, including their operational and technical architecture, and an appreciation of “what success looks like?” for their business. We will then work with our clients to deliver a communications strategy based around the pillars of our proposition, unified communications, contact centre, connectivity and professional services.   Let the journey begin. 

What Unify Communication say about us

Being a team of technical geeks we need the services of Sally and her team to keep our book work up to-date and ready for our year end meeting with our Accountant.  Sally reminds us what we owe and what and when we need to pay.  About Your Bookkeeping are our finance department.



About Brace & Browns  Brace and Browns logo

Brace & Browns have got it sorted when it comes to Sunday lunches!  Patrons come from all over the Bristol area to enjoy a leisurely Sunday Roast.  During the week Brace & Browns also have an excellent Tapas menu which is very popular.  Downstairs is about to have a facelift and this facility will be utilised for private functions, meetings or whatever else is required.

During sunny afternoons and warm evenings Brace & Browns have good seating outside on the deck and this bistro is a hot destination with the locals wanting to use the venue as a place where they can unwind, read the newspapers, chat and relax.  Being the bookkeepers for Brace & Browns, it is very difficult not to feel ravenous when entering the kitchen with the aroma of excellent cuisine in the making.  The Head Chef, Christian was on the well known programme Master Chef and came 8th in one of the series, so Brace & Brown are very pleased to have a chef of high caliber cooking up a storm.

It is advisable to book for Sunday lunches and on Saturday evenings.

What  Brace & Browns say about us

Sally and her team have managed to bring order to our busy bistro.  Being predominantly a cash based business we needed some structure and systems implementing and I am pleased to say that things are now running smoothly, we are given regular figures to work with both for the kitchen and for the bar and Sally assists with paying our bills and sorting out everything financial. We are very pleased with the services.  I would not hesitate in recommending Sally and her team to any business.








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