Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I only have one part-time employee, am I too small to use your bookkeeping services?
Answer: Certainly not. No client is too large or too small.

Question: Will you assist me with overflow. I have my own bookkeeping and records system which I attend to myself, but I need someone to cope with the overflow when required?
Answer: Yes we will fill in whenever needed.

Question: What is a Remote Bookkeeping Services?
Answer: With today’s technology everything can be done remotely, for instance if you live in another country we use post / audio / CD / email etc and you do not have to be present in our office in order for us to complete your book work.

Question: What do you charge?
Answer: We charge an hourly rate – if the requirement is on-going we work hourly for two months to establish the volume of work. We can then quote a monthly rate if you would prefer.

Question: Do I have to supply any equipment?
Answer: No, we have state of the art equipment. You just give us your paperwork, we do the rest.

Question: What other costs are there?
Answer: Only the subscription for the accounting programme you wish to use.  We also have some alternative suggestions in order for you to allow us access

Question: What are your Terms?
Answer: Payment on or before the 7th of the following month (e.g. June payment due by the latest on the 7th July by Bacs or in on-going by Standing Order.

Question: What about my VAT?
Answer: We prepare this for you and it is usually the last button to press when everything is up to-date.  VAT is either submitted your yourself online or by ourselves.  The VAT we prepare is for quarterly submission but sometimes it could be a flat rate scheme.

Question: What about my Year End Figures?
Answer: We work closely with your accountant during the year and prepare the necessary reports for your accountant in order for them to produce your end of year figures for corporation tax etc.

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